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Fidelity International Ltd, or FIL for short, is a company that provides investment management services including mutual funds, pension management and fund platforms to private and institutional investors. Fidelity International was originally established in 1969 as the international investment subsidiary of Fidelity Investments in Boston before being spun out as an independent business in 1980. Since then, it has continued to operate as a private company owned by its employees.

A former employee said this in a review: "Fidelity International only cares about profits not about its employees or customers. Middle management is only trying to get a bigger bonus and creates a very toxic work environment. They make it very clear that everyone is replaceable and you are just an object for them to use while they need you".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Presentation matters more than your work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"• Completely disorganised • Peers and superiors always claim to support you, but have no problem stabbing you in the back if it helps them cover their butts • Although the management tries to be progressive the Japanese managers don't give that a chance, lots of friction there • The tech people are incompetent to a frightening level • Trying to save money in all the wrong places"

Former Employee - Research Analyst says

"-Lack of career progression -Unfriendly working environment -Quality of research poor compared to other firms -Long hours- no work life balance"

Current Employee - Performance Analyst says

"I have hated every minute of my time with the company"

Current Employee - Phones says

"Very little support from management,"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Disasterous management failing to listen to anyone except their own echo chamber. Several instances of serious poor mental health from depression to stroke. An organisation in a vicious spiral."

Senior Associate says

"Endless; Employee Turnover has increased than ever before. You’re labelled impatient for being ambitious. Initiatives are thrown down the drain, good people are forced to leave. The pay is less, appraisals are below par. Funds stop performing as soon as appraisal cycles come in. People give bare minimum to survive."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pathetic Work-life balance, only delivery pressure, no guidance, you need to be productive from Day-1 without any guidance and knowledge transfer. They will not allow you to attend any bootcamp and HR Induction for months because of delivery pressure. From day-1 you will be working on project without any KT, not seen this even in startups. Also the KT you will get is majorly from the guys who are on notice who don't bother to give KT. Public holidays are only 8, majority companies have 10, Variable pay is 40-50 % average, don't go for variable pay, HR doesn't give true picture."

Current Employee - Legal Counsel says

"Worst management even experienced, they will never listen to you. I have witness unfair treatment of good professionals and cover-up of management not fit for the role. Management is on a self preserving exercise (most of them in the company by decades) and they will cover themselves reciprocally, no matter what while they wait to cash in their stock-options. Politics and personal relationships are the main drive to progress."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Work wise it is frustrating to operate in this environment."

NA (Former Employee) says

"Poor company, no opportunities and its run by a group of uneducated managers who do not know what it takes to run a Client services call center successfully. Cons: Horrible management, no opportunities"

SENIOR ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says


Technical Associate Director (Former Employee) says

"Fidelity International is a cut-throat environment and they treat their employees like commodities. Management is incompetent and insensitive. I would not recommend anyone ever take a job at Fidelity International."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"The worst company Ive ever had to work for. There appears to be a little group of management running the entire Dublin outfit, changing teams and firing management / staff based on personal opinions, counter productive for the company. Cons: Management, staff turnover, lack of support/training"

Senior Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Poor work culture, zero recognition, deaf management, blame game are some apt words for Fidelity International India offices. No growth, stressful environment and less job security would be welcoming you. Free food, though it is now deteriorating in quality, and free transport are there, though."

Background Vetting Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Didn’t receive good training, never felt confident there. People very clickly and you could hear a pin drop in the office. Was told on several occasions it’s a heads down day. Cons: No social club"

Client associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers expect you to be on call 24/7 this place puts way too much pressure on workers and don’t appreciate your work .Clients can be very abusive I found myself exhausted at the end of each Monday which wasn’t normal Cons: Management and too much pressure"

Client Services Associate (Current Employee) says

"Answering inbound calls from customers, occasionally letter writing and sending digital messages and investigating client queries. I learnt a great deal about Data Protection, Anti Money Laundering and the administration of funds and other types of investments. The most enjoyable part of the job was the upskilling, the training was thorough and enjoyable. The managers in my team were very supportive, always approached any issues and looked to resolve them. Cons: micro managing"

HNW Specialist Senior Associate (Former Employee) says

"Company culture is good, and the people I worked with on a daily basis were great."

Programmer (Current Employee) says

"Company is good for, I believe, elder class and not for young generation who are eager to learn new technologies"

Analyst Programmer (Current Employee) says

"At Fidelity I have worked with Customer Output team where level of politics will surely downgrade your skills and talent."

Associate (Work Place Investing) says

"Can’t say anything but think twice before you join FIL company is good but management is not good they think employees as a slave. Lots of favouritism less growth but yes company culture is good and learning programs are always there to improve employees skills. But evryone works for growth but here growth is less but more in work."

Senior Recruiter - Technology Vertical - Gurgaon (Former Employee) says

"* good financial technologies product"

Project Lead/ Scrum Master (Current Employee) says

"Work life balance is good and compensation is competitive as per market.Mangement is supportive and provide support to address concern issue. Overall good ."

Securitu Specialistq (Current Employee) says

"Fidelity is a good company to start the carrier but decide soon to change the company & in long perspectiveits not that interesting to work. Have a good carrier a head. Cons: Management"

Operations Manager/Director (Former Employee) says

"Very collaborative working environment overall."

Associate Director (Current Employee) says

"Having a long term view helps in building a career, especially Fidelity International. Being able to cope with change, both internal and external coupled with a committed work ethic is valued."

Senior Test Analyst (Current Employee) says

"The company was good around 4 years but these days the management is so poor that people are in stress with their Jobs."

International Client Service - Stock Plan Senter (Current Employee) says

"Ein sehr interessantes Unternehmen"

Technical Consultant (Former Employee) says

"My work stint lasted for only 6 months but what I learned that it is technology oriented company with the blend of old and new technology.As a technology person,one will get myriad opportunity to work in different areas."

Sawyer brooks says

"i am actually disappointed in trustpilot who keep deleting our genuine reviews here, and allow this guys mislead poor people. I normally don’t feel comfortable investing online but because the company I worked for downsized due to the pandemic and I was one of those affected. I had to invest the money I had left. This company refused to pay me my earning. I was so sad because I had no other money left. I was advised to contact and I’m glad I did because within a week, they helped me get my money back."

Courtney says

"Get ready to wait on hold forever just to try to speak to someone on the customer service line, which is the only option I have to get my identity verified!! Today I spent over an hour on hold and the call got cut off right as I heard the worker on the other end. They should have your place held & they can call back when someone is available to help if wait times are going to be that long. Very frustrating!"

billy k says

"Incredibly pathetic. Billion dollar financial institution can't do basic things like link a bank account to your IRA or brokerages. Especially after this robinhood fiasco, wanting to move money into fidelity is not the solution. I suggest Chase YouInvest"

Karl Martell says

"I experienced a shocking degree of stupidity with Fidelity, even just trying to open a basic account. The entire experience was so bad, it was like a Saturday Night Live skit meets a customer service training exercise. I wondered if I was being “punked”.

They flagged a newly created account, which effectively disables it permanently. They could have called, emailed, or snail-mailed us if for whatever reason, flag was raised. They could have asked proof of ID, or other documents. But no, none of the above occurred.

They closed our account and told me we needed to create another one. I told the customer service rep we were not creating a new account. He could not have cared less. I wish I could remember an exact quote because it was priceless. I asked to them to check the recordings of calls to find exactly the basis for flagging and closing the account. At no point did they attempt to investigate what happened in the first place, much less apologize.

Honestly, the whole thing was so stupid, I felt like looking around to see if there were cameras filming me for a TV show. This is what happens when risk-management overpowers an organization and customer service is weak. Listen up boys and girls in graduate school – here is a dissertation topic for you.

It appears that they have a process where a call gets flagged for later review. Another group then reviews the recording of the call and makes a determination as to the risk of that account. This means that they must have a group of people just listening to recordings of calls and making judgements. This all works well on paper and in the meeting rooms where the managers pat themselves in the back and are proud of how clever they are.

Note to management: I would start by firing your risk-management VP / director. He/she is clearly an incompetent buffoon. And don’t be too gentle when you escort them out of the building. As for your customer service VP / director, after firing him/her, a walk of shame ala GoT would be more fitting, regardless of gender. Try to be precise in your excrement tossing. It is after all an office and you would not want any of it falling on the keyboards."

Michael Kamrath says

"Place sucks. Hope you like being on the phone for hours on end just to talk to customer service. This is even during the pandemic when people are sitting at home munching on nachos and watching tv."

bob khaniit says

"I’d give them zero stars if possible. Have a significant investment account with them and was thinking about consolidating some of my earlier investing brokerage accounts to them. 15 years of growth accounts for a large sum of money.

Called them to try to get some details worked out and get a few questions answered but it took 1 hour before I go a hold of someone. He then said he wasn’t the right person and transferred me. I told him I didn’t want to hold another hour and he told me no it would be much longer because he was transferring me and I wasn’t back in the queue from the beginning. Okay.

Fast forward another 45 mins and I get a hold of someone and they tell me they aren’t the right department, I have to speak with a trading specialist... THE FIRST DEPARTMENT WHO JUST TRANSFERRED ME HERE. I’m furious and tell her I don’t want to be on hold again, can’t she just find out the answers to these questions and reach out to me via a message or an email or a call back. She says, she’ll just call on her end internally but it could be a short while but I’ll check in with you to let you know what’s happening and that I’m still here. Okay.

Fast forward another hour. She comes back and says I’m still waiting to hear from them. I ask her what happened to the check ins, I figured after an hour she’d have everything sorted, not tell me nothing happened. She proceeds to tell me, she was only checking in even now because I asked her to, otherwise she wouldn’t have come back. What?!? I never asked her to check in, she did. I would have hung up otherwise and expected a message but she said a short while. Not another hour with nothing to show for it.

I ask to speak to a supervisor pissed as hell. She asks me why and I tell her I think she knows why. I get a hold of a supervisor 15 mins later and finally get some answers to simple yet important questions.

THESE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE FOR YOU. I GOT A HOLD OF MERRILL TWICE AND TD ONCE ALL IN LESS TIME THAN IT TOOK ME TO GET A HOLD OF THE FIRST IDIOT. THEY WILL GLADLY TAKE YOUR SECURITIES AND MONEY BUT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NONEXISTANT AND THEY DONT VALUE YOUR TIME!!! Seriously, go to TD or merrill. I decided to consolidate my positions there in a separate account and just initiated a transfer for my fidelity portfolio over to them. They also cover transfer fees. The fools at fidelity had the nerve to tell me that reimbursement of transfer fees is not normally approved unless the transfer is very sizeable, despite throwing me from department to department for 3 hours. DO NOT GO HERE. THEY DO NOT HAVE YOUR BACK WHEN IT COUNTS!!"

Nikita Lyse says

"If I could only give negative stars, I would! I have been on hold for more than two hours now and still haven’t talked to a representative! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I had been on hold yesterday for 40 minutes before the call got cut off. The online app does nothing to help you either! Do NOT invest with them!"

Virgie J. Ferber says

"This organisation is fraudster's haven to rip people off but they need to know that people like myself will do whatever it takes to give other people awareness and prevent further fraud. alpinumcg is a scam company like other several online scam, a little research showed that they never pay out including my own personal experience. After several complaints, I provided all the required documents, the balance on my account was deducted but I received nothing in my bank account. These are all part of the tricks they use to take innocent and unsuspecting people's money, this led me to use the special service of webploitRecovry dot!com to recoup my losses, look them up."

Inna Pikulenko says

"I am on hold for 47 minutes. This occurred a couple of times now."

WingWong says

"Poor customer service, pass on capital gains to customer"

Nathaniel says

"2 hour hold on multiple days and it just disconnects. They need to get more people to answer the phones."

QUYNH-ANH Fucci says

"I hate their customer service. The person takes my call are nice but their supervisor or whoever are super rude. Both person I talked to at 2 different times are rude and doesn’t provide any solution. I need to rollover the money from my previous work to the new account working Fidelity’s. As simple as it sounds right, only transfer within their network but at the end they told me that cannot verify I’m the account holder and block me from doing anything with my account. Get your customer service together or your customer will find better broker out there."

Merly Guce-Alvero says

"More than an hour on hold, still no customer service representative that I can talk to regarding changes to my account I want to make! Horrible customer service, and the same situation for so many days!!"

gim smith says

"DO NOT invest with Fidelity Investments. Once they have your funds, the only interaction you will ever have with them again is from personal advisors wanting your business.
Fidelity requires a numerical code to be entered each time you logon. For unknown reasons, I am not able to receive the code so I cannot access my funds. I have left voice messages, been on hold for so long my battery died, been transferred to the tech department which does not answer the telephone and I have emailed the CEO, all to no avail. I did receive a voice message from a Ms Emily Sunato (?)on behalf of a personal advisor , Diego Contreras, a personal advisor, wanting my future business. I left a message with her but again, no call back.

In summary, I invested with Fidelity years ago when they actually practiced customer service. Now I cannot access my funds and cannot contact anyone at Fidelity to solve the problem. I have filed a complaint with the SEC"

missy says

"I am having a lot of problems trying to reach Fidelity Federal. I keep calling and calling and no one will help me. It is impossible to reach them by phone or any other way. They won't connect my EFT services after more than a week."

Tap says

"I'm having many of the same issues other people are having. Trying to convert some money to a Roth and when you call you are put on hold for over 1 1/2 hours and then when they answer, they told me they had to transfer me to the mutual fund department. I was on hold another 1 1/2 hours and finally gave up. I wish there was a negative rating"

Chi osax says

"If I could give a negative-5, I would, unfortunately, 1 is the best I can do on this platform. I have been waiting on the call for 1hr 19mins to speak with a CR, still waiting as I write. Also waiting on the chat as well for the same amount of time and then u get this message: "Your live chat has ended and you've been redirected back to our virtual assistant" i.e. after waiting for more than 1hr and no person, no live person actually tried to chat with you. I transferred from TD Ameritrade cos these guys say they do fractions. But they wont allow me sell my fractions. Bad all round, unacceptable wait times, easily bogged down trading platform, poor customer service, and wont even allow u sell your fraction shares. Going back to TD Ameritrade. Fidelity is terrible."

WadeCS says

"scam and market fraud"

Kim Hawk says

"Attempts to reach a representative to make a transaction have failed. On hold for 50 minutes before finally hanging up; Live Chat no live response after 20 minutes. Auto-response to email says up to 2 business days to respond. Terrible Customer Service!"

DALE says

"The wait times for customer service are insane. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to get a correction made to a trading account and then it didn't work and I have sat on hold for another 39 minutes so far. Terrible customer service from a company that I rely on for my investments." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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